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Trusted AS/RS Solutions to Optimize Your Arizona Warehouse

As a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems, pallet racking, and industrial shelving in Arizona for over 20 years, Prince Steel helps companies maximize warehouse efficiency. Our experts can customize AS/RS technology to optimize inventory tracking, order processing, space utilization, and workflow. Whether you need new systems or used equipment, we deliver cost-effective solutions made with durable steel.

Customized AS/RS for Seamless Warehouse Automation

New & Used AS/RS Equipment

Automate inventory management with our customized AS/RS solutions. Specifically engineered for your warehouse size and inventory type, our automated storage systems enable efficient order processing, real-time tracking, and hands-free stock retrieval. Choose new equipment or used AS/RS to save on costs. Our durable steel systems are designed for longevity and safety.

Custom Warehouse Designs

We create tailored AS/RS setups to meet your exact specifications. Our experts consider your warehouse layout, inventory size and type, order volume, safety regulations, and workflow to design the ideal automated storage and retrieval system. This customized approach optimizes your space while streamlining operations.

Professional Installation & Removal

Rely on our experienced team for safe, efficient installation and removal of AS/RS equipment. We follow meticulous protocols and industry best practices so your new or existing automated systems are set up properly. Trust us for hassle-free project management from start to finish.

Warehouse AS/RS FAQs

AS/RS boosts productivity by efficiently storing and retrieving inventory. Key benefits include reduced labor costs, faster order fulfillment, improved inventory accuracy, and optimal warehouse space utilization.

AS/RS provides real-time inventory monitoring and control. By automating stock location and movement, these systems enable highly accurate tracking of inventory levels and positions.

Yes, AS/RS is highly customizable. Our experts design tailored systems based on your warehouse layout, storage requirements, inventory variety, order volumes, and other factors.

AS/RS minimizes the need for workers to manually handle goods, reducing workplace accidents and injuries. Automated systems also allow inventory storage and retrieval in hazardous areas.

Our AS/RS solutions easily integrate with WMS, allowing seamless data sharing. This enables dynamic inventory control, order processing, reporting and other warehouse management capabilities.

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