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Custom Cantilever Racks for Versatile Warehouse Storage

Prince Steel provides customizable cantilever racking to efficiently store bulky, long, and irregularly shaped inventory. With no vertical obstructions, our steel cantilever systems allow easy access for loading and unloading. Maximize your warehouse storage potential with new or used cantilever racks designed for your inventory.

Custom Cantilever Racks for Warehouse Optimization

New & Used Cantilever Racking

Our cantilever racks are engineered for optimized storage of diverse inventory sizes and dimensions. The protruding arms firmly support materials without obstructing access points. Durable steel construction ensures safety. Customize new or used cantilever racks to save costs while maximizing your warehouse storage capacity.

Custom Warehouse Designs

We create customized cantilever racks based on your specific warehouse layout, inventory variety, size and weight of items, order volume, safety regulations, and workflow. This tailored approach results in an efficient storage solution that makes the most of your available space.

Professional Installation & Removal

Our experienced team follows meticulous protocols for safe, efficient installation and removal of cantilever racks. Trust us for turnkey project management, from initial design to seamless implementation of your customized cantilever racking system.

Warehouse Cantilever Racking FAQs

Cantilever racks maximize storage density through vertical space utilization. They provide obstruction-free access for odd-sized goods. Forklifts can load quickly without wasting aisle space.

Our experts custom-design cantilever racks based on your inventory type, dimensions, weights, turnover rate, and workflow. This tailored approach helps make the most of your warehouse capacity and efficiency.

Cantilever racks work well for long, bulky, or oddly-shaped items like lumber, piping, rolled goods, furniture, appliances, auto parts, and more. They allow dense storage without obstructed access.

Cantilever racks reduce material handling accidents by minimizing lift heights and allowing easy access. Forklifts can retrieve loads without shifting items or entering racks. Proper installation also enhances stability.

We provide high-quality new cantilever racks with customized designs. Used racks in good condition offer an affordable alternative. We help assess options to meet your budget while optimizing operations.

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